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Latest News

USS Tigris and IKS B'Moth head to Nimbus System

12-Dec-2007 - TF22 News
The Federation and Klingon Empire send ships to investigate potential hostile Romulan presence on the surface of the Planet of Galactic Peace. The USS Tigris and the IKS B'Moth will be arriving at Nimbus III to shed more light on a transmission requesting aid from the Capital City of Paradise City on Nimbus III. The planet has since been all but given up on as a project of peace, but recently the information pointing to a Romulan occupation of planets within the neutral zone has sent waves throughout the UFP. Commander Derrick Nassor, Commanding officer of the Tigris, recently been court-marshaled for his part in the destruction of the USS Drake, is leading the joint mission in an effort to establish proper information regarding this developing story. More information to follow.

Academy Seeking New Instructor...

9-Dec-2007 Fleet News
San Francisco's calling, the Horizon Fleet Academy is looking for a new Instructor...
We are looking for a new instructor to join the academy staff (this could be the cadet, CO or both depending on the applicant), if you think you could enjoy helping new players or newly promoted COs learn new skills then this could be the position for you. If you would like to benefit the fleet and use your knowledge and experience to help players improve their skills then contact Rear Admiral Newman and request an application before December 23rd at academy AT horizonfleet DOT net. Come join us at the Bay.

A New Addition

28-Nov-2007 TF22 News
The USS Lincoln and it's new Commander Vorn Krace have been dispatched to the newly discovered system of Maldora. Maldora was discovered a short time ago by the USS Waterloo, and the one planet of interest in the system is an oceanic world, known simply as Maldora IV. Maldora IV is home to an amphibious race called the Maldorans. Though it is apparent they once lived under the water, their civilisation has moved to cities floating on its surface. Though they are not a space faring race, they are aware of other space farers, and are very close to perfecting their own warp drives.
The USS Waterloo left the Maldorans with a proposal to join the Federation, which was passed through the crew from the Diplomatic Corps of the Federation. Though there have been some personal disagreements between members of the upper echelons of the Federation on bringing a pre-warp civilisation into the UFP, one Starfleet ship has been invited to join the Maldorans at the negotiating table on their home planet, and the USS Lincoln has been sent, to hopefully bring another world into the fold.
However, it may not be as easy as it seems for the Lincoln and her crew, as there have been rumours of a small organisation within the Maldoran population itself, bent on not allowing their planet to throw away its independence.

Kelargen Returns, Frontier Vanishes

28-Nov-2007 TF22 News
After yet another round of failed talks with the Dominion, the USS Frontier, along with Captains Kelargen Ceni and Mordred Ocal, vanishes without a trace. The USS Frontier, returning from another failed negotiation for the return of Bajoran colonies from the Dominion, disappeared yesterday while venturing through the Bajoran wormhole. Among those onboard were Captain Kelargen Ceni (former Commanding Officer of the USS Vigilance) and Vedek Shehran, both of whom were asked to represent Bajor's interests during the talks. The Orb of Prophecy and Change was reportedly onboard, as well, as it was scheduled to return from a two year stay on New Bajor with Vedek Shehran.
While it is, as of yet, unconfirmed, there are those who believe that the Prophets are showing the Frontier crew and passengers the future, at least, as they see it playing out based on recent events. If that is true, there is no telling what kind of future they may encounter... possibly one in which the Elyshan Empire and Federation are at war, or maybe something else entirely. Please check back for additional updates as they become available.

USS Vigilance Ready For Fresh Start

26-Nov-2007 TF22 News
Recently Lieutenant Commander Jordan Ross was assigned as the new CO of the USS Vigilance. Currently docked at Starbase 195, the Sentinel class ship is being loaded with supplies and a new, eager crew. The most recent additions are the XO, Lieutenant Ethan Cain, and the Chief Security/Tactical Officer Lieutenant JG Maia. Rumors have been flying as to what Ross' first mission will be. Many are speculating that the Vigilance will be sent to study an imminent supernova in the Kytania Sector. Others think they may be given escort duty of a diplomatic or supply ship. Another likely scenario that a few on the base have mentioned is that the Vigilance may be sent to scout out planets suitable for colonizing.
While any of these could be the Vigilance's first mission, the most popular theory is that the crew will be sent to check on an existing colony in the Ankra Sector. Recently released reports state that no communication has come from the colony in at least two weeks. If this is to be the Vigilance's mission, the question remains what, if anything, will they find? Stay tuned for more updates!

USS Malinche Finds Two Sirion Escape Pods; Confirms Borg Reports

14-Nov-2007 TF42 News
Reports that the USS Malinche has found escape pods from the missing USS Sirion have recently been confirmed. They were found in the Direidi system, in the general area that a search has been established. Two survivors were rescued, a third was killed when the escape pods exploded. After finding the escape pods, it was determined that their communications systems were not functioning properly. Also, one escape pod has towing the other via its tractor beam. Several attempts were made by the Malinche to contact the escape pod to get them to shut off the tractor beam, but were unsuccessful.
Once in transporter range, the survivors were locked on to in preparation for transport and beamed aboard. Unfortunately, it was at that moment that the escape pods exploded and one of the survivors didn't make it. According to the Malinche's medical staff the survivors should make a full recovery, despite injuries received during their ordeal. One of the survivors also confirmed that the Sirion was attacked and boarded by the Borg. At least one Borg Sphere was reported to have been in the area and could still pose a threat to the Malinche and Sentinel, who are continuing their search for the Nova class vessel.

Munitions Mystery on the Hitchcock

20-Oct-2007 TF22 News
Mysteries abound on the Hitchcock. The scheduled launch of TF22's USS Hitchcock has been delayed due to what may appear to be a sensor malfunction. During a routine pre-launch check, Ensigh Weiah, the Hitchcock's Chief of Security noticed a torpedo missing from the launch hold. The crew are unsure whether this missing munition is a problem with the sensors or something much more sinister...

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Current Horizon Fleet Missions

Task Force 22

USS Sentinel

Mission 1: Cat & Mice

  • The Sentinel has been tasked with escorting several colony vessels from Starbase 109 to Deep Space 5, but all is not what it seems when the journey begins.

USS Frontier

Mission 4.0: Future Sight

  • The Prophets send the USS Frontier two years into the future... during a war between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire...

USS Peacekeeper

Lost & Found

  • The USS Sentinel (Peacekeeper) has departed Starbase 259 in search of the missing USS Sirion. (Joint Mission with the USS Malinche).

USS Vigilance

System Testing

  • The USS Vigilance is looking for a top-notch crew that will help her make history once more. Currently they are undergoing their "shakedown" in the Oort Cloud. After which, they are going to New Africa to check on the colonies there.

USS Hitchcock

Mission 1.0 Typhone Expanse Troubles

  • The Hitchcock departs Starbase 58 for the Typhon Expanse where she has been ordered on a routine mission to monitor anomalies in the region. However not is all as it seems.

USS Lincoln

Isolationism At Any Price

  • The Federation has made contact with an amphibian race called the Maldorans, and have left them with the proposition of joining the United Federation of Planets. The Maldoran Government has contacted the Federation to begin negotiations immediately, however the ship that initially made contact has been moved to other assignments. Starfleet Command has therefore sent the USS Lincoln instead, to bring another into the Federation. However, all is not as it seems, as a rouge group of Maldorans wish to keep their isolated stated, and will stop at nothing short of open warfare it seems to accomplish their goals.

USS Perseus

Episode 1: Holes In A Cloak

  • The Perseus is sent to scout for a new Strategic Outpost. Routine... Until the away team is lost.

USS Tigris


  • The Tigris is taking a break and new crew at DS12 as they prepare for their next mission.

Task Force 42

Starbase Gatekeeper

Stand or Fall

  • Can the crew put aside their beliefs and experiences to defend the lesser of two evils?

USS Caliburn

Mission One: A Bridge Too Far

  • The USS Caliburn's shakedown mission is scrubbed and the heavy cruiser is deployed on a first contact mission to Zehn'ka, a planet in deep space. The project, led by Admiral Johaneston, is shrouded in mystery and tainted by a new species with tempermental technology. Join us and see what happens when the Federation attempts to go A Bridge too Far.

USS Isoroku

Episode One: Man Trap

  • The Isoroku is searching for the missing USS Davy Crockett.

USS Amazon

Airborne Treason

  • Captain's Log, Stardate 38404.9: Starfleet Command has directed the
Amazon to perform a preliminary evacuation of the Avalon Research Facility on Archer IV in advance of a full research team. After 10 days of undergoing quarantine, scanners report that the atmosphere outside the facility is breathable, but they are receiving confusing readings within walls of the facility. I have instructed our Chief Navigational Officer to place us within orbit of the planet so that we can receive the sick and at risk evacuees.

USS Beijing

Beijing: Fire and Ice

  • When the Beijing ventures to the ice world of Likana III they are greeted by a break down in the planets eco system that is seeing it slowly but surely burst into flame, the resulting planetary change can have only one outcome, the end of all life on Likana III. However things get even more complicated when they find a young Vulcan woman who believes she is Lieutenant T'Prez of the USS Beijing from ninety years in the past and that she has watched first hand the deaths of both Cole Nataska and Christopher Quinlan.

USS Beijing

Beijing: Fire and Ice

  • When the Beijing ventures to the ice world of Likana III they are greeted by a break down in the planets eco system that is seeing it slowly but surely burst into flame, the resulting planetary change can have only one outcome, the end of all life on Likana III. However things get even more complicated when they find a young Vulcan woman who believes she is Lieutenant T'Prez of the USS Beijing from ninety years in the past and that she has watched first hand the deaths of both Cole Nataska and Christopher Quinlan.

USS Malinche

Lost And Found

  • The Malinche and Sentinel are sent to find the missing USS Sirion which had been attacked by Borg. A Borg cube has been sighted in the area - will the JM succeed? And who will survive?

USS Olympus

Cold Case 12

  • The Olympus is being sent to patrol Cold Station 12, and is being told it is just as a shakedown. But why would Starfleet Command shiplock a crew for a shakedown, and why is Admiral Gates being so secretive about the mission?

USS Washington

Episode 2: Shadows

  • The USS Washington is on routine patrol and encounters a mysterious nebula.
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